• Corporate Advisory Sean Rothsey has provided advice and assistance to public and private enterprises since the early 1980s. His boutique corporate advisory firm BoxRED (now incorporated in The Merkin Group) completed a wide range of transactions for start-up ventures through to complex public companies and their subsidiaries. With The Merkin Group’s...
  • Financial Services & IT Investing in financial services and IT companies over many years, The Merkin Group, through those investments, provides specialist corporate...
  • Agribusiness Advisory Having established some of Australia's most iconic agribusiness properties and organic/clean beef businesses, The Merkin Group provides...
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The Merkin Group

Founded in 1981 The Merkin Group is an Australian independent and privately owned integrated group of companies, which has invested or is invested in wholly or partially owned private, publicly listed and unlisted public companies, rural, commercial and residential property and financial markets. It is the corporate face of the Rothsey Family Office – global asset managers.

Core competencies in broad based asset management and deal making especially in agribusiness , shipping, wealth management, film and financial services.

Family and small business are integral to local communities, and to both the Australian and global economies. Founder Sean Rothsey is assisted by his daughter Trish Rothsey (a director of Merkin Management Pty Ltd), and a small team of dedicated professionals. Sean Rothsey’s national and global network of first tier strategic partners facilitate solutions for The Merkin Group, the stakeholders in their investments and for their clients alike.

Sean Rothsey

The Merkin Group is underpinned by a trinity of three integral resources – technical, financial and human. We are committed to ethical and socially responsible investment in our staff, our commitments and our businesses.We create opportunities for ourselves and our stakeholders-we do not chase them. Our culture,ethics and values  are  paramount  and are manifested in everything that we do and underpin our risk management and ability to drive opportunity.

Sean Rothsey

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