The Merkin Group Invests in Bondi Smile

Bondi Smile is one of Australia’s favourite teeth whitening companies, using the newest technology in teeth whitening formulations. 

Co investing alongside Tom Boland ( previously working with Sean as Head of Trading of Trader Dealer Online and D2MX Institutional Equities – businesses chaired by and substantially owned by The Merkin Group) and Damian Isbister Bondi Smile is safely providing that celebrity white smile in the comfort of your own home, without having to spend hundreds of dollars having the treatment undertaken at a dentist. Bondi Smile offers a home kit is easy to use, fast, pain free and affordable.

Sold predominantly off its online website growth is supported by collaboration with an expanding array of brand ambassadors who have either a large following on social media (facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) or a large influence in that media.

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