Governance and Compliance

The Merkin Group is underpinned by a trinity of three integral resources – technical, financial and human. We are committed to ethical and socially responsible investment in our staff, our commitments and our businesses.We create opportunities for ourselves and our stakeholders-we do not chase them. Our culture,ethics and values  are  paramount  and are manifested in everything that we do and underpin our risk management and ability to drive opportunity.

We have a robust framework of

  • policies
  • procedures
  • protocols
  • guidelines

to manage and govern our team, and to communicate to stakeholders, counterparties and the community at large what to expect from our people, our businesses, and where to go should any concern exist.

These include

  • Privacy Policy
  • Personal Information Policy
  • General Policies and procedures
  • General Disclaimer
  • Financial Disclaimer ( for selling document to sophisticated, professional or other exempt wholesale investors  and/or for corporate advisory)
  • Code of Conduct
  •  Whistle Blowing Policy
  • Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy
  • KYC AML CTF and anti fraud procedures and guidelines
  •  Gold Supply Chain Due Diligence Policy & Practises
  • Gold Specific Responsible & OECD Compliance / US Dodd- Frank Act / FATF AMLP

Most of which are public documents and may be found on our website.


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