Code of Conduct

The Merkin Group adopts best practise Code of Conduct

2 November 2015

Since 2007 all Directors and Senior executives of all Merkin Group entities have been  required to comply with a much widened and comprehensive General Policies and Procedures of the Company, including expectations as to a Code of Conduct.

The social, moral, ethical, and legal  landscape and expectations and requirements that companies and its senior management (in fact everyone from  all officers down to all staff)  are required to observe continue to evolve and it is our mission for all of our businesses to stay in front of the curve.

On 2 November 2015 the board adopted a more comprehensive  Code of Conduct .The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set out the ethical standards expected of directors and senior executives of THE MERKIN  GROUP being Merkin Pastoral Holdings Pty Ltd, its related entities  and its subsidiaries (collectively “Group”).It can also include Advisor Plus Pty Ltd, BoxRED Corporate, Investor Signals, Merkin Advisory Pty Ltd, Merkin Management Pty Ltd, Noosa Downtown Beverage Co, Pinefilm Entertainment,The Merkin Group or TMG. Directors and senior executives must adhere to the highest levels of ethical conduct at all times.

Our culture, ethics and values underpin the Code and it is expected that we will articulate further specific issues such as Anti – Bribery, Corruption, Anti -Fraud, Anti Money Laundering, Whistleblowing and other social, moral and environmental matters so that awareness across all of businesses remains clear.

See  the Merkin Group Code of Conduct here TMG.CODE OF CONDUCT.Adopted.02112015


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