Advisor Plus RE Services – 2016

Advisor Plus RE Services will apply to become licensed (pursuant to the Corporations Act) to act as a Responsible Entity (RE) for registered managed investment schemes. As a

Responsible Entity (RE), Advisor Plus will be responsible for the operation of schemes (funds) on an ongoing basis, specifically to provide:

· Fund setup and administration.
· Delivery of required documents.
· Establishment and monitoring of compliance plans.
· Appointment and monitoring of external service providers.
· Regular compliance certifications.
· Performance reviews and on-site visits.
· Monitoring against the delivery and performance of service standards.
Subject to license approval, Advisor Plus intends to act as RE for registered managed investment schemes (funds) and provide a premium mini prime brokerage service to enable fund managers to trade efficiently in a variety of markets. See

Model Portfolio.

Subject to license approval, the Advisor Plus MPS is intended to allow advisors to offer their clients a portfolio of investments managed by us according to a defined investment strategy, commonly referred to as a Separately Managed Account (SMA).
The MPS will give your client access to a professionally managed portfolio of investments, without the hassles of direct ownership.
It is intended that the Advisor Plus MPS will allow you to :
· choose one Model Portfolio or a combination of Model Portfolios from a selection of investment managers and strategies to suit their investment needs
· fund their account with cash or a transfer of existing ASX listed securities, without triggering a capital gains tax liability (where the securities form part of the Model Portfolio), where there is no change of beneficial ownership
· view their account holdings and transactions online
· set up a regular withdrawal plan to receive monthly payments from their account
· upon closing their account, transfer security holdings to their name without triggering a capital gains tax liability (where there is no change of beneficial ownership).

Leon Hinde and Sean Rothsey  formed a joint venture Advisor Plus Pty Ltd an AFSL licensed entity in 2015 and The Merkin Group sold its interest to Leon Hinde in June 2016 and Sean is no longer a director or ASIC licensed Responsible Manager.The RE entity remains a strategic goal of The Merkin Group.

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