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Merkin Management acts as the trustee and Manager of the Groups investments that are held in the Self Managed Superannuation Fund of The Rothsey Family. Other entities in the The Merkin Group may invest alongside Merkin Management and vice versa dependent upon the nature and the strategy for each investment.

Merkin Management are a customer of Centric Wealth who advise and assist us to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive financial strategy to meet our personal and business needs. Centric Wealth assist us and our families in maintaining and growing our wealth, supporting our lifestyles and protecting against risks. Centric Wealth also provide portfolio reporting and other services to Merkin Management and other companies in the Group.

Senior Partners at Deloitte Growth Solutions in Sydney have been advising Merkin Management and the Group in accounting, taxation compliance and other structural matters for over 30 years.

CapGemini estimated in a 2012 report titled The Global State of Family Offices that, in the U.S. alone, there are about 3,000 single family offices “with assets under management between $1 trillion and $1.2 trillion.” In that same report, CapGemini pointed to a number of factors that would likely drive family office growth going forward such as conversions by alternative investment funds to single family offices (as George Soros notably transitioned in 2011), general industry growth, and family offices repositioning after the financial crisis .

As a Single family office we are more than a CFO or back-office support team. We  resemble a medium-sized private company which sets about the work of maintaining and growing the family’s wealth, while providing all the necessary services the lone client desires. We manage  substantial assets, given that it can be expensive to form and operate a single family office if the assets under management is low.

An article in Barron’s Penta Daily, Family Office Boom Coming, estimated the mean size of the single family moffice to be $500 million from 2003-2013. We don’t think many professionals, even those who work with multi-billion dollar investment firms or large-cap companies, would sniff at that number.

Like many single family offices, The Merkin Group  does not share its assets under management, As a private investment firm we do not disclose any financial information related to the performance of our investments. We deploy investable capital which is often allocated to traditional investments, private placement investment funds, private equity deals, directly into operating businesses, or to buy assets like land or real estate buildings. It is important to note that our diversity is underpinned by our single family office and our regulated businesses.

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