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Noosa Downtown Beverage Co, Noosa aims to be a wellness provider of beverage, food and lifestyle items in South East Queensland and is acquiring a portfolio of products including The Fix Cold Pressed Juices.

With  in house nutritionists dedicated to bringing consumers the best cold pressed juice and nutritionally balanced juice cleanses. Our juices are a delicious burst of hydrating goodness, designed to not just tantalise the taste buds but to also flood the body with bioavailable nutrients.






The cold press process is what makes Noosa Downtown Pressed Juices including The Fix  Cold Pressed Juice (now distributed  by Noosa Downtown) stand apart from the traditional juice. Cold press juice is slowly extracted with hydraulic pressure, effectively squeezing the life force from the produce to create a nutrient rich liquid. Our juices are raw and unpasteurized to ensure that all the amazing nutrition we pack into each glass bottle is alive and ready for your body to use for up to five days.Traditional, or centrifugal, juicers extract juice using high-powered blades which slice through the produce at high speed creating heat, which degrades many of the vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients. Some of the most amazing health-giving nutrients found in fruit and vegetable are super sensitive and easily destroyed by heat, which makes cold press juicing the perfect way to ensure that the juice you love and enjoy is full of all the good stuff.



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