RegMe – 2006 to 2009

RegMe was an online event registration website, providing the ability to create or enter events and activities as either an event organiser or as a competitor or entrant (a participant).

The online network was designed to promote and support participation across a wide range of events and activities such as equestrian, netball, motocross and athletics.

This unique and exciting company tailored solutions to the organiser or the participant and our dedicated team of industry experts worked closely to assist in sourcing the best solutions,including multiple business rules and interfacing with organiser as well as third-party databases – such as equestrian event organisers, state governing equestrian associations, state discipline committees, national equestrian association and committees, and the international governing body in Switzerland – encompassing a small local pony club muster up to an AOC or IOC qualifying national or international Event.

The Merkin Group had a majority shareholding in the Cooory Media Unit Trust which traded as RegMe and partnered with key management as stakeholders to deliver solutions and services in the various business units at the time. The Merkin Group divested itself of the shareholding in June 2011.

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