Cape Range (CAG.ASX) report from the Sydney Morning Herald

Corporate Misgovernance ? Cape out of range

The Sydney Morning Herald  Business Day reports this morning has Cape Range ( devised a fool-proof strategy for making sure numbers fall favourably at its special meeting of shareholders this week, or has it just forgotten to pay the phone bill?

The meeting will consider a reverse takeover by coal technology group Exogen and issuing shares to previous directors who say they are owed money.

However, shareholders who have attempted to lodge their proxies have discovered that Cape Range’s fax number doesn’t work.

What about the phone? No luck there either. The number given on Cape Range’s ASX page appears to have been disconnected.

All very unhelpful when the meeting is on Thursday – by the time you read this article, the window for lodging proxies will have closed.

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For the assistance of CAG Shareholders you could contact the chairman  Wayne Johnson at his office at MDS Financial for a resolution
Wayne Johnson
Chairman MDS Financial Group (MWS.ASX)
Phone: +61 411 544 449
Email: [email protected]
This is public domain information and is available here

For ASX COMPANY INFORMATION  information on Cape Range See here :

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