Merkin Advisory Pty Ltd expands Industrial Property Trust and leads and syndicates two more acquisitions in SEQ

22 December 2021

Acting as Asset Manager, Investment Manager, Property Manager and cornerstone investor, Merkin Advisory Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that they have  completed a major tenancy renegotiation and refinancing on its North Geelong industrial property and in addition completed two more similar strategic acquisitions on The Sunshine Coast in SE Queensland .

The major unit holder on both new acquisitions, Merkin Advisory originated both properties , led due diligence, raised equity from certificated wholesale, exempt, sophisticated and professional  investors, negotiated the facilities from a leading Australian  lending institution, and negotiated and put in place 20 year leases on both properties effective from the date of Settlement.

The growing portfolio, with a combined asset value in the low 8 figure range  is the catalyst for the Group’s  business plan in 2022 to return to a  ASIC regulated licensed entity (AFSL) , (notwithstanding that no retail offerings will be made) and  bringing competencies of both product and distribution back in house to provide the platform to grow the property  portfolio with the financial services adjunct making for a vertically integrated model.

For more information see here : MAPL.2022.Merkin Advisory Pty Ltd expands Industrial Property Trust

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