PROJECT MOBILE USD3Mil Equity in US lottery distribution platform

BoxRED have been jointly mandated  with BSP by a Brisbane based advisor to  a US based mobile entertainment company to identify and facilitate introductions to and assist negotiations for the  placement of  US$3 million in a unique mobile content distribution platform for U.S. and international lotteries.

Currently lotteries have no effective way of collecting participant information, or the motivation to do so; lotteries operate as non-profits, with limited mandates to operate drawings and often restrictions against engaging in other activities.

State lotteries do not maximize the engagement and revenue opportunities that they could build with website visitors, especially regular players

The Company aims to use its first mover advantage to become the dominant provider of mobile video marketing, leveraging off its existing role covering lottery draws and related content.

COMPANY BACKGROUND : Mobile Video Marketing Platform combining integrated advertising and analytics with an e-commerce and coupon delivery system.The only mobile enterprise platform with an exclusive 5 yr agreement to promote the largest lottery brand in the world. It is estimated that almost half of all Americans buy lottery tickets each year, with many people playing regularly.The Company owns two ancillary game/marketing platforms to further engage customers.Provides customizable marketing and video content straight to iphone and Android mobiles
TARGET MARKET: It is estimated that lotteries across the globe generate over $250 billion per year.Almost half of the nations in world have a national lottery, ranging from Estonia to ChinaThe company plans to leverage off the large lottery customer base to provide video marketing, promotional content and mobile gaming to a broader variety of users helping companies to actively engage with their customers.
 USE OF PROCEEDS :  The proceeds from the fund raising will be used for development in the following areas:

Lotteries/Casinos Deployment $ 750,000
Marketing/Advertising/PR $ 400,000
Platform and Game Development $ 500,000
Investment Fees $ 180,000
Working Capital $1,170,000


Financial Model: The Company works on a Revenue sharing model with no upfront costs or obligations. Once the company recovers baseline costs for supporting the Mobile Entertainment Platform (MEP) from advertising revenue, equivalent to US$20,000 per month. Revenues will be shared according to the following formula:

US$20,000 to US$30,000 Ad Revenue 75% Company 25% Lottery
US$30,000 to US$40,000 Ad Revenue 60% Company 40% Lottery
Over US$40,000 Ad Revenue 50% Company 50% Lottery


FUTURE PLANS : The company plans to leverage its reach and user database across other gaming and non-gaming verticals such as charitable promotions and donations
THE NEXT STEPS : Interested parties should contact Sean Rothsey or Simon Potter to register their interest and to discuss the potential investment. We will then engage the company, normal confidentiality arrangements will be required as a prelude to the provision of further information. Full Information Memorandum available.


1 August 2013. Equity raised from a Hollywood based entertainment mogul.



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