PAP E-CON and Merkin Advisory announce partnership in oil and gas

Merkin Advisory Pty Ltd has been operating in the acquisition and negotiation of physical liquid energy commodities, and seek to offer non sanctioned global services including hedging, price risk management, logistics, financing, transportation, and storage of physical liquid energy commodities.

In a petroleum market constantly fluctuating and rampant with sophisticated and widespread fraud, scam and sanction we leverage off our decades of honesty and integrity and are pleased to announce our Partnership with PAP E-CON Thailand bringing us both Asian and global footprints and networks, knowledge and relevance with their team of highly qualified and knowledgeable employees and associates.

Our trusted connections with ultra high net worth individuals, advisors, placement agents, relationship, investment and private bankers have allowed us to act recently as originators and facilitators of a multitude of transactions including commodity trading in  wholesale precious metals, such as bullion and in oil and gas.

Merkin Advisory have also leveraged off our roots in ship chartering, ship management and liner and tramp operators to facilitate oil and gas transactions and shipments and along with PAP E-CON we look forward to providing our clients with global trading services for the acquisition and negotiation of physical liquid energy commodities.

Merkin Advisory PAP ECON Partnership announced 1 February 2021

Merkin Advisory PAP ECON Partnership announced 1 February 2021

About PAP E-CON 

PAP E-CON is the petroleum trading arm of PAP Gas One, which was founded over 10 years by PAP  ECON’s CEO and President Mr Wioj Jantraprapaweth – an industry veteran for over 30 years.PAP Gas One has grown exponentially throughout the years to become one of the largest gas retailers in Asia ,trading in excess of 4 Million tonnes of LPG per annum. Multiple tank farms are located throughout Thailand and Asia to service their growing market. See


Read the PAP E-CON announcement here MAPL.2021.PAPECON.MAPL.PSHIPLETTER

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